What is Omnomedia, anyway?


You may be wondering to yourself what the heck Omnomedia even means.

I think of the internet as a vast buffet of information, presented like delicious morsels of food ripe for the picking. These morsels are packaged and delivered to us through various media channels, with the most prominent being Social venues such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and even blogs.

Do you ever scroll through Flickr past a photo of some scrumptious consumption of food, and see the words “om nom nom”? The Internet can be a silly place, but ultimately a vast space of creativity where such phrases express what we enjoy consuming from places of social comfortableness.

“Om nom” is often used on the Internet to describe the sound of over-emphatic eating. Countless users share this phrase creatively in expressing their desire to consume a certain type of media online, whether that be a photo of chocolate cake, a cheesy burger, or brightly colored candy.

Now I’m hungry.

Om nom + Media = Omnomedia. Voi la!

The Internet is an aesthetic playground, and our eyes are practically starving for the information available. Omnomedia prods this relationship between virtual brain-food and consumption of information through the above-mentioned channels. But it doesn’t stop there; Omnomedia explores many corners of this gigantic informational web and gives you tips and tricks about the best ways to use the utensils we’re offered for consumption.

So, tuck a napkin into your shirt, grab your fork, and get ready to consume some media!