Twitter Pulls Instagram

Early Monday the Internet was abuzz with some news that left many Tweeters wondering if they’d ever see the likes of Instagram integration again. It began with Twitter pulling views of Instagram photos from feeds – meaning you can no longer scroll through Tweets and see the photos embedded into the messages. Now, you have to follow links out to the external profiles or, if you’re on a device, out to the Instagram app.

Rumors began to circulate and people were left wondering if it was a preemptive strike leading up to something much bigger — they were right. Later Monday, Twitter announced it’s own service which allows users to put filters on their photos before uploading them – eerily similar to Instagram. On top of that, you can frame, crop, and auto-enhance your candids to make them look even better. And are these ultra-beautified photos available in expanded Tweets on Twitter feeds? Yes! blog_filters

Out with the old, in with the new!

It would seem Twitter is trying to be rid of Instagram altogether. Perhaps they want to take traffic away from this popular photo-sharing service and nudge users towards their own service. Perhaps they were bent out of shape when Facebook, a known rival, coughed up $1 Billion in cash to purchase Instagram this year. It’s all just speculation of course; but with such a strong following of photography nuts ready to back Instagram I doubt it’ll go anywhere anytime soon…despite the comedic stigma following it around.

Can Twitter’s new photo filter service rival a powerhouse that Facebook deemed big enough to buy for such a pretty penny? Only time – and filtered photos – will tell.


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