Twitter News Roundup!

A lot has been happening on Twitter lately, and Omnomedia is here to report it all! Whether you’re a fan of Twitter or someone who just doesn’t see the value in those 140 character Tweets, you’ll still find these pieces of news interesting!

Feeling Peckish?

Perhaps my favorite Twitter Art installation ever comes from Latvian artist Voldemars Dudums. What did he do that makes his Tweetable art stand out above the rest? Dudums set up the account @hungry_brids, then laid out a keyboard topped with pork fat and waited for the real birds of nature to do the talking. Watch a video f Dudum and the birds in action! As the birds pecked away at the fattened keys, they produced messages that Voldemars then sent to Twitter.

To most this will be minimally amusing, especially because the Tweets mean nothing at all. But to those who understand how very bland the average Tweet can be, this art installation is quite the enjoyable pun for Twitter itself.  So, what do birds tweet about anyways? Click on the image below for the magical answer!

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 8.57.03 PM

Bridge-Building Through Tweets

Ladies and Gentlemen of Social Media land, it’s finally happened. Pope Benedict XVI has joined Twitter. His handle @pontifex translates to bridge-builder in Latin – a very metaphorical title for such a powerful public figure taking to this virtual broadcaster. While Pope Benedict has yet to make a single Tweet (we’re told that’ll happen on December 12th), he already has nearly 300,000 Followers and has Followed a bevy of duplicate Pope accounts in different languages.

Whether the Pope himself will sit down in front of a computer and type out these Tweets, or whether someone will broadcast his messages for him, this is certainly a sign of how imperative Twitter has become today. If the Pope has a Twitter account, shouldn’t you?

“I Love Twitter, I Love It Not. I Love Twitter, I Love It Not.” – Chris Brown


After a recent Twitter-war with comedian Jenny Johnson over Chris Brown’s abusive past with on-again/off-again girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown up and left Twitter in a disgruntled frenzy. His PR reps probably appreciated the move (as some of his Tweets about Johnson were getting heavy) but his fans certainly did not. Johnson was flooded with death threats and hate-Tweets, blamed as the one who pushed Brown to deleting his account.

But now he’s back. Twitter seems to have restored Brown’s account besides having wiped all of his Tweets away – most likely at his PR team’s request. The sole Tweet as of today, sent this morning, reads “#CarpeDiem” and nothing more. So is this a chance for Brown to reinvent himself on Twitter? Will he publicly apologize to Johnson for the barrage of fans she suffered, or will he ask her to apologize for chasing him off of Twitter? Only time will tell.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town…

With Christmas fast approaching, I have to include Santa Claus and his cheery Twitters at the end of this news roundup! There may not be an official Twitter account with that iconic blue checkmark for dear old Saint Nick, but there are still a couple of interesting handles to follow. @OfficialSanta has been updating regularly  for their nearly 330,000 followers, counting down the days ’til Christmas, utilizing Christmas themed hash-tags like #DearOfficialSanta and #PleaseFollowMeSanta, and Tweeting Holiday-themed photos.

If you want to track Santa’s trek across the world along with NORAD, then give @NoradSanta a follow for fun updates. They’ll help you tail him on Twitter (and on Facebook too) so you’ll never miss a single update on jolly Nick from now until Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho, Tweet Tweet Tweet!


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