Gifts For Social Media Gurus

Searching for a Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift to give that fellow Social Media guru? Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of some unique gifts that any Facebooker, Twitterer, Blogger, or Web-nut would love to receive!

Social Shower Curtain from Think Geek – $21.99

Think Geek offers a “fully functional” shower curtain that looks dangerously close to the Facebook layout of yesteryear. Not only will Social Media lovers get a kick out of the gift in general, but they’ll appreciate this homage to a simpler time in Facebook’s life.









St@tus Symbol Necklace from Survival Of The Hippest – $59.95

Would that Twitterer you know love to wear their handle around their neck? Then Survival of the Hippest has the thing you need! They’ll let you customize a necklace with handles, hash-tags, or no symbol at all – and they make bracelets too!






Fridgebook Social Networking Magnets from Thumbs Up – $25.00

Fridge magnets never fail to bring out a smile, but these will really impress because they allow you to “update your status” whenever you please with a wipeable white board pen. Mix and match Facebook statuses, wall posts, photos, and more!






@yournamehere Shirt from Twitter Whore – $31.75

Do you know someone who acts like a Twitter whore? It’s not a very nice name, but some are proud to flaunt their handle around on their chest – and this is the gift for them!






Like/Dislike Stamp Set from Think Geek – $12.99

Another fun gift from Think Geek, but this time a set of Like/Dislike stamps that offer the iconic “thumbs up” button. But be warned – you’ll never escape Facebook once you’ve armed your friend with this tagging tool!






Hash Tag Mug from Think Geek – $9.99

This Twitter mug will steal any tweeter’s heart in 140 sips or less! With a unique hash-tag handle and that cutely iconic blue bird on the mug, that Twitter lover you know will enjoy their morning coffee and tweets even more.








Social Media Pillows from The Pajama Company – $28.00

Who doesn’t love a good pillow? The Pajama Company offers everything from Twitter and Facebook icons to Gmail, Myspace, RSS, Google, and Android icons – all stitched on a soft and comfy pillow for your friend’s Social-Media-buzzin’ head!



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