Post-Election Facebook Popularity

After Governor Romney’s loss to President Obama last week, support from his fans poured into the comments on his Facebook posts. At first glance it seemed that, despite getting defeated at the polls, Romney still had the love of many a Social Media user. After the excitement and proverbial dust began to settle around the election, some hawk-eyed Social Media users noticed a rapid change in Romney’s Facebook numbers.

According to websites like Mashable, Mitt Romney’s Facebook Likes have been dropping at a rate of 847 per hour; a rather staggering number. There could be two possible reasons for this sudden drop. One, Mitt Romney might genuinely be losing Likes from both supporters and haters who chose to follow his Facebook posts during the election. Or, two, he could be losing previously purchased Likes by not continuing to pay for them. Some sites claim that sharp rises in Romney’s Likes and in his Twitter followers earlier this year are proof that he was buying followers and fans, which is a common practice for businesses looking to appear popular, and fast. If you stop paying for these services or if Facebook catches on to what you’re doing, a slow bleed of said purchased Likes will occur.

We may never know the true reason, but an educated guess would point toward a combination of both possibilities causing Mitt Romney to lose his Facebook fans and languidly fade into the murky shadows of Internet politics. In just the thirty minutes that it took me to write, edit, and post this blog entry, Romney lost a good 400 fans.

Whether purchased or genuine, his Facebook Likes are an important representation of his Internet presence, which had been lacking from the start. I suppose the supportive saying ‘you can only go up from here‘ doesn’t quite work in every situation.


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