TweetDeck vs. Hootsuite

There comes a point in nearly ever Social Media user’s life when he or she sits back and realizes they’ve got way too many accounts to keep up with. Whether a professional Social Sharer or an avid fan of many different Social Sharing venues, if you’re plagued by having an overflowing wealth of feeds then you’ll need a tool to make your Internet life easier.

TweetDeck and Hootsuite are arguably two of the most popular tools for mass-sharing statuses across Twitter and Facebook. While they both have pros and cons, one is better suited for personal use and the other better suited for professional. So which goes where?


Tweetdeck has many attractive features, including the ability to add several Twitter accounts without being forced to upgrade to a paid service. While it offers the ever-important option to schedule your messages it lacks a few key features such as analytics, team collaboration, multiple Facebook account integration, and Klout support. Some users may find TweetDeck’s desktop application interface a pro if they use web browsers heavily.

Another important feature when considering TweetDeck is it’s language translation option, which allows users to translate messages from their feed into other languages. This can be quite useful if you have a lot of worldly Followers on your personal accounts, or deal with international Fans on your business accounts.


In terms of functionality and purpose, Hootsuite wins out in the categories of basic analytics and team collaboration. Unfortunately, it requires users to pay for an upgraded plan when they want to add more than five Social Profiles, integrate Google Analytics, integrate Facebook Insights, and have unlimited RSS feeds.

Once upgraded to a Pro account users will have unlimited everything, including Facebook profiles and Klout integration, which TweetDeck lacks as a free service. A potential con with Hootsuite is that it functions solely as a web-based application, which some heavy web users may find detrimental.

Head to Head

Final Judgement

Hootsuite offers far more options for Social Sharers using Twitter and Facebook in the business world, especially if users go for their paid option. TweetDeck offers unlimited Twitter accounts and scheduled posting with their free (and only) option, which can be more beneficial for personal and more leisurely use of Social Media. So, if you’re trying to decide which to use for a particular aspect of your online life, I recommend:

Professional: Hootsuite

Personal: Tweetdeck


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