Spotlight: PunchTab

If you have an online business or community-based website, then you know how frustrating it can sometimes be to incite participation from your users. Even with the freshest of content your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and website can lose it’s luster if you do not offer your users different ways to participate, with benefits for doing so. That’s where tools like PunchTab come into play!

What is PunchTab?

PunchTab is a Social Sharing and Giveaway tool which provides your fans with varying ways to distribute your content themselves, and then rewards them each time they do. Aside from offering a classy look to their widgets, PunchTab is a simple way to boost brand awareness and create “buzz” for your website, ensuring repeat fans.

What are the options?

With PunchTab you have the option to create Giveaways, Badges, Campaigns, and more, and it’s all offered on tiered pricing starting with a free and very beefed-up plan.

The Giveaways are particularly useful because fans and customers can enter for a chance to win a prize simply by following your brand’s Twitter account, Tweeting out a specific messages to Followers, Liking your brand on Facebook, commenting on a blog or website post, hitting +1 on your Google+ page, answering a question of your choice, visiting a site, or downloading a file of your choice. Recently PunchTab added the option of pinning a photo to users’ Pinterest pages for an extra Giveaway point, which shows expansion on their part. Each of these actions allow participants one entry into the Giveaway, meaning that the more they do to promote your website, the better chance they have at winning your prize.

Badges and Achievements are what PunchTab has coined ‘virtual bling’ for your site. In short, each time a user participates on one of your Social Media venues by doing things like commenting on your blog, they can earn points which ultimately level them up in badge rank. This creates a unique opportunity for fans to partake in friendly competition to become the ultimate fan, all while promoting your website.

These options, and more, are incredibly easy to set up and install, requiring nothing more than basic HTML code knowledge. After you choose from these different features – paying for a better plan will allow you more customization – PunchTab provides short and sweet codes for you to plug into your site, and the widgets are easy to share on your Social Media pages.

Why should I use tools like PunchTab?

PunchTab guarantees that not only will your fans grow to be more loyal if you use their tools, but they promise an increase in activity and Social Sharing of your pages. You want your fans to come back, and you want them to know that you’re more than a person sitting behind a computer, feeding them information. With PunchTab, when you allow your users interaction and reward, you’re allowing your website growth.

Aside from variation of content, tools like PunchTab help you stand out amongst similar businesses, and create customer loyalty through incentive. If you don’t have the most interesting content or you’re running out of things to say to your users, having a Giveaway or utilizing an Achievement program shows your fans that you care about their loyalty and truly want them to stick around. Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff? Users will jump at the chance to win a prize, especially when it’s as easy as Tweeting out a message to their followers, letting hundreds of potential fans know that they’ve just entered an awesome contest.

Social Sharing at it’s finest!


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